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Podcasts are becoming an important way to communicate with people at their own pace. This podcast was produced for a British distance learning company so their students could get advice from experts in the convenience of a downloadable audio program. Click below to hear a portion of it.

Web-related Graphics

A simple animated logo:

A flash movie created for the homepage of a website:

Here's a simple Flash-produced instructional component. Clicking the image below will open another window. Click the play button to start.

Overview of the SST

Web layout graphics:

See this page for an example of graphic design, and be sure to notice the flash movie on the homepage of this web site in case you missed it.

Families and Schools

Here is a demonstration of an interactive CD I produced for use in training teachers in special education.

Other Audio

Radio—In my earliest days in radio I hosted programs and wrote and recorded jingles--your basic radio work. More recently, I have produced news and feature stories for national and international public radio outlets.  Here’s a sampling of two.

A business report for Marketplace:


Feature story for NPR:


Music—Just for fun, I'm including portions of a project in which I was asked to record the vocals for a spoof of the Love Boat and Gilligan’s Island themes for a telecommunications company presentation. Yes, that's me singing. I am most proud of the fact that I was able to complete this while I had a sinus infection! Feel free to sing along...

The Love Boat:

"Fairpoint Isle":

Other Graphics

PDF forms can be very useful tools for collecting and managing data. Here's a form created for reporting weekly data.

A marketing flyer I wrote and designed for an Arizona restaurant.