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This About Us is actually just about me, David Pollock. Though I do use other professionals for different parts of my work, I mostly work independently.

My first experience with electronic media may well be when I was nine.  I used walkie-talkies as a makeshift radio station.  Holding the talk button down with rubber bands, I broadcast a “radio program” to my younger neighbors who I forced to listen to me on the front porch . I eventually chose radio and television as my major in college and worked in radio during college where I also got my hands into television and a little film.  My early career in media, like the rest of my career, involved a lot of different kinds of media including multi-image presentations—something you don’t hear about these days.  They involved the use of multiple slide projectors synchronized by computer to project large images in often sophisticated and beautiful ways.  It was a very artful and dramatic form of media that, unfortunately, disappeared.

My career took a different path after a few years as I became interested in counseling.  To shorten the story a bit, I went to grad school eventually earning a master’s in counseling and a Ph.D. in marriage and family therapy. I taught junior high during that time and later seven years teaching in a college.  But no matter what my other interests have been, I always found a way back to media.  I had my junior high students producing videos for instance, and in grad school, I wrote and produced a ten-part video series on the theory and application of middle school curriculum for the University of Georgia.  And media kept calling.  I eventually left academia and started producing media independently in Atlanta. Then an opportunity to return to academia arose in which I worked in online learning and faculty development, all the while, producing media to meet various needs. 

My experiences with media are mostly wide, rather than deep.  I have always called myself a jack-of-all trades not just because of my experience with different forms of media, but because of my many other interests as well.  So I bring to the table a wide range of experiences and skills in all sorts of things.  That gives me the ability to think broadly and creatively when meeting media needs.

In addition to work-for-hire projects over the years, my production credits include reporting and producing for National Public Radio, Public Radio International, and other national and international radio outlets to writing curriculum for a company in NYC.  The recent developments in digital media and the Internet have made collaborating with and working for people anywhere more possible than ever.  I no longer have to hold down the button with rubber bands and hope someone is listening. The world is a click away.