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Instructional video

A short video to help motivate students to complete their course ratings.


An example of a short instructional video for faculty.


This video is dated, but I am proud of this work, so I will forever keep it on hand. This is a short snippet from a 10-part video series I wrote and produced for the first-ever distance learning course in middle school curriculum at the University of Georgia.


A few scenes from a video for kids I produced and directed.


Not the highest production values here, but I am happy with this tutorial I fairly quickly wrote and created at the request of an online English Comp instructor--and with only a very old camcorder and computer to work with. It continues to be used by instructors years after it was created.



Podcasts and Radio

I created and produced this podcast, SoundIDEA, for the IDEA Center. You can certainly hear my public radio background in this news-stype podcast. Here's an episode.


I had a number of years of successful experience producing and reporting for National Public Radio and other public media outlets. Here are a few examples.



Other media

This webpage banner was created in Flash and converted here to an animated gif since Flash is deprecated.  


A demonstration of an interactive CD created for use in distance learning courses in special education. Today, this could easily be created online, but at the time, this CD technology was the only way.


A training website for faculty to understand and use the IDEA Student Ratings of Instruction


IDEA training website





I have unitentionally become adept at running webinars. Here are a couple recordings of some from my work with the IDEA Center.





On-camera work

At different times in my career, I have done some work on-camera as a reporter or narrator. Here is an example from the Georgia Business Report from Georgia Public Broadcasting


A few snippets of other, on-camera work.